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Founded in 1952, Chicago Paper Testing Laboratory is a family-owned business providing quality testing services for the paper industry. We specialize in analyzing the physical and optical properties of paper and other materials to ensure the highest standards are met. Our experienced team of professionals have the expertise to ensure your products meet your exact specifications.

Located in Grayslake, Illinois, our state-of-the-art laboratory conducts chemical analysis, consultation, development, functional evaluation, research, and testing of all phases of paper and paper related products.

We specialize in the development of unique product solutions for the paper industry, offering a full range of services from concept to production. Our team of professionals have years of experience in the paper industry and are dedicated to providing the best possible solutions for our clients. We use the latest in technology and innovation to ensure that our products and services meet the highest industry standards. We are committed to delivering services that exceed our customers expectations.

A number of comprehensive research projects have been carried out in the laboratory, including a doctoral thesis on treatment and permancey of paper.  Our clients are nationwide and international and include paper mills, food packagers, national food chains, folding box manufactures, drug companies, label manufacturers and major publishers and binderies.

Chicago Paper Testing Laboratory also utilizes universal book tester that meets the requirements of the American Library Association.

General Test Capabilities

  • TAPPI T549

    Coefficient of Friction – Horizontal Plane

  • TAPPI T538


  • TAPPI T543

    Stiffness, Gurley

  • TAPPI T511

    Folding Endurance MIT

  • TAPPI T441

    Cobb Sizing

  • TAPPI T530

    Hercules Sizing

  • TAPPI T476

    Abrasion Taber

  • TAPPI T448

    Water Vapor Transmission Rate

  • TAPPI T452


  • TAPPI T489

    Stiffness, Taber

  • TAPPI T494

    Tensile Strength

  • TAPPI T456

    West Tensile Strength

  • TAPPI T559

    Grease Resistance

  • TAPPI T576

    Tensile Properties of Towels & Tissue Products

  • TAPPI T413


  • TAPPI T460


  • TAPPI T403

    Bursting Strength of Paper

  • TAPPI T410

    Paper Grammage

  • TAPPI T411


  • TAPPI T412

    Moisture Content

  • TAPPI T414

    Tearing Resistance

  • TAPPI T425


  • TAPPI T435

    pH of Paper Extracts

  • TAPPI T432

    Water Absorbency

ASTM Test Capabilities

  • D1709

    Dart Impact

  • D1922

    Tearing Resistance

  • D882

    Tensile Breaking Strength

  • D6988

    Thickness of film

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